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Thank you Melody for all of your love, coaching, support, sanity, amazing sessions and for saving my life – loving me with your whole heart and for everything you are and do.

 Wright – Gold Coast.

I am so grateful for all of the support and love that Melody has given me in my time of need whilst I was ill. I would like to repeat how grateful I am to Melody and will never forget our time, all of the tools that I have learnt, all of the support and clariy that I have received.

C. Gerolimos ~ Ashmore Gold Coast

I have been a client of Melody’s for about one and a half years. I first discovered this amazing mentor and Life Coach when I was looking at learning Reiki.
After that first meeting I decided that I really wanted to share in what this incredible woman and healer/teacher could guide me through with making effective changes to my life.
I can honestly say the person I am today is due not only to my commitment and Melody’s phenomenal approach to life and life coaching, but also because of the tools Melody has made available to me which are there for me to use on a daily basis.
If you are really ready to make a change in your own life, I would not hesitate to recommend Melody in helping you implement those changes. Melody is now working with my husband and he is so eternally grateful.
Since Transformational Life Coaching with Melody, I am learning who I am and what I really would love in life. I am so much more aware and open-minded.
Less critical of others and more accepting and trusting.
My business has escalated like a magic wand has been placed over the entire Company.
Since beginning Transformational Life Coaching with Melody I am learning who I am and what I really would love in life. I am so much more aware and open-minded.
Less critical of others and more accepting and trusting.

When I first saw Melody I was depressed and felt apathetic towards my family, friends and uni. I come from a stable, secure home with a lot of love and boundaries. Yet, I felt so alone and disconnected that I couldn’t find joy in any situations. The moment I met her I got an instant feeling of love and comfort, and even now I can feel Melody’s big ball of warmth and good energy as soon as I park my car outside her house. After spending some time with her I realised I did not have depression or anxiety. Nor was I gone mad. I was one of many people who experienced a spiritual crisis disguised as a mental illness because my need for something greater than myself was not fulfilled.

Melody knows what you need before you say it or even before you know it yourself. With her guidance and her provided tools, she has enabled me to open my mind, expand my consciousness and more importantly, start loving myself again. She also made me break out of the state of apathy so that I was able to finish my Masters degree. Basically, she has changed the way I look at life and she keeps blowing my mind with her presence and strength as well as her love and light. I have always had a hard time asking for help, but I’ll never regret asking Melody. As I am writing this I realise that she probably saved my life. For that I will always be humble and grateful to my guardian angel and #1 mentor.

A. Forbord – Gold Coast